... supports the latest AutoIt 3.3++ files.
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->related docs: Deobfucating_AutoIt Files | Dumping Armadillo&Thermida packed files | Decompile AHK camo

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Portable
Yes that's the original VB6 ready for use - without any installation required.
Hint: Use it to debug myAutoToExe :)

Missing comctl32.ocx or mscomctl.ocx ? -> Common Controls
Like getting nearly all the rest (ComDlg32 RichTx32, MSFlxGrd...) -> VB6.0 SP6
This will also localize ya VB6 to the language you selected for download.

...and just for da case ; ) -= Manual installation hints =-
Installing additional VB controls extract from vb6.0_sp6
rightclick on comctl32.inf and choose 'install'
Alternative install methode: '<winsystem32>Regsrv32.exe comctl32.ocx' ( an example)
Do da localization: Extract Vs6sp6B.exe!\vb6ide.dll
... and especially because of it's nice search function to manage the code I recommend:

MZ-Tools 3.0 - for Visual Basic 6.0
>Website< >Directdownload<

Online regex tester and debugger

Older Versions of myAutToExe:
1.8 (Oct07)
1.9 (Nov07)
1.94 (Nov07)
2.01 (Dec07)
2.03 (Nov08)
2.04 (Feb09)
2.05 (Feb09)
2.06 (Apr09)
2.07 (Nov09)
2.09 (Nov09)